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 Change made easy – the basic idea

Our brain can think, consciously and unconsciously. Conscious thinking (also called our head, mind, spirit) is a very energy-sapping, slow mode; therefore, there is a kind of agreement between the conscious and subconscious minds: we learn new things with the conscious mind through repetition – and with a lot of energy expenditure. With each repetition, we train the corresponding synapses and after a few times, these practiced thought and action processes end up in our subconscious… as what we commonly call habits. From there, they can simply be played out like an autopilot – without thinking, great energy expenditure or memory. An “I do/think” becomes a fully automatic “it does/thinks in me…”. Brain researchers say that we do up to 70 percent of our actions in this way. Write it down: our subconscious operates at an incredible 10 million bites/sec., which makes the “measly” 50 bites/sec. of our conscious mind look pretty old.

The subconscious – a friend and helper who makes our lives easier?

Yes, in the basic configuration that is the case. The only problem is that our subconscious autopilot does not recognize the difference between good and bad habits. All our old fears, doubts, critical voices and everything that society has “forced upon us” at some point are also nonchalantly stored there. When the “right” trigger comes along and the “right” reward beckons, the thought/behavior we once learned is repeated over and over again. A bit like a stuck record – even if today we would rather rock our lives instead of listening to the blues. In this case we might wonder why happiness comes to others so easily and why it is so difficult for us to give up unpleasant behavior or achieve our desired goal. In relation to our success, our happiness and our goals, there is basically only one question: have we – at some point – automated what brings us closer to all of this or what keeps us away from it all.

The good news: Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Of course, our subconscious is changeable. We can even “automate” the complete opposite of what was previously “right” and obvious for us. To do this, we must only speak the “language of change”. Because, quite fundamentally: conscious and subconscious speak two different languages. Our mind likes things analytical, tangible and rather comfortable. Its favorite food is ZDF (numbers, data, facts), an exact choice of words and it also likes to sit in the comfort zone. Our subconscious, on the other hand, prefers fantasy, emotion, subtlety and is totally into felt images and vague imagery. Therefore, it is of little use to just “talk” or “mentally think” positively to the subconscious.

Reality Loop – Same, but same … and that non-stop

Let’s take a closer look at the brain at this point. The way we evaluate our sensory perception shapes our reality – every minute of our lives. We forget this all too often and tend to experience things out there as objective, irrefutable facts.

Let’s zoom in further into this “reality loop”: our experiences shape our beliefs. These produce certain thoughts and inner images in a specific situation. This is linked to an immediate physical and emotional reaction. If we blindly trust this reaction, we avoid experiences that do not fit with our previous belief system and consider the previous experience to be the only true one. We repeat it and in doing so reinforce the beliefs that got this loop rolling in the first place.

Simple, but intelligent … was will ich wie erleben?

This loop can be interrupted by becoming aware of the limiting beliefs, images and emotional evaluations that we currently have. And since the brain doesn’t like empty spaces, it then means: redesign! How would I like to experience this situation? What new evaluation, what behavior would feel really good? What would the whole thing look like, sound like, even smell and taste like? Our brain then has no choice but to believe us. Because it doesn’t know the difference between imagined and real reality (if there is such a thing at all).

Reality Redesign …
= for gut people – seems like magic!
= for head people – 75% of our brain works visually!

Try it out! You will see – your subconscious with its 10 million bites/sec changes your emotional state IMMEDIATELY just because of this redesign! And it can do even more – if we keep imagining our future, our goals and wishes in this way, it understands: This is important! and raises its antennas. Suddenly we see chances, opportunities and paths that may have been there before, but that we filtered out or overlooked.
Oh yes, and don’t worry, everyone can take pictures! Our brain stores every experience we have as an image all day long – whether we notice it or not. Just think of an elephant! In a desert. With an oasis. And palm trees. Now it’s drinking. And now it’s spraying the water in your direction. There you go, it works 😉

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