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Professional reorientation Munich – profession and calling

One goal is a dream with a deadline.


You notice that you haven’t yet found your feet professionally and want to make a change. What ideas make your eyes light up? How do you get started – step by step with a light heart instead of stopping in front of a mountain of possibilities? And when does your inner team come along with you instead of getting lost in concerns and risk assessments?


  • Creativity booster: We develop creative job ideas and build an authentic and inspiring vision that inspires you.
  • Dissolve negative beliefs:  You take your foot off the brake and turn your “yes, buts…” into “yes, ands”. This creates creative freedom and courage for your heart’s work.
  • Decision: We sort out opportunities and risks, clarify the question of “stay or go” and ensure a smooth transition.
  • Self-efficacy: There is nothing good unless you do it! We create coherent experiments that allow you to explore new territory step by step. This gives your gut feeling concrete food and you experience how to navigate safely and dynamically through the uncertainty of a new career start.
  • Emotional self-regulation:  Sometimes your head already knows how, but your feelings aren’t there yet. We give space to the emotional level within you and understand the reason behind the emotional blockage. In this way, you will experience that everything that is allowed to be changes all by itself.
  • Career advice: In addition to these coaching topics, I am also happy to advise you on your professional career from A to Z (more in the menu item “Career advice”)
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Trust in your luck – and you will attract it … Turning a career into a calling is more than just the spirit of the times. It’s about expressing the meaning of life and shaping our unique talents into happiness. Real momentum arises when we take a look into our own future. And when we wander around in it, as if in a space that already exists, we grow wings of courage and confidence for our own direction. And then? Then it’s child’s play to plan backwards from the big dream to the here and now.