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Creating the future from the living now

Intensive individual session 

The intensive individual sessions include 90-minute sessions with sufficient time for reflection, experience-oriented units and the closing of the session with concrete steps and experiments. Our work is based on a target agreement and modules specifically tailored to this.

Cross checks included

During the sessions you can reach me for shorter cross-checks by email, phone or whatsapp. If you would like a “nudge” from me, please feel free to contact me.

Retreat Session (20 % off) 

The individual coaching retreat consists of 1-2 days in which we take a  360-degree look at your wishes, your potential, possible obstacles and implementation strategies. Here too, the basis for our work is an agreement on goals and specific modules tailored to them. And we do the things that are good for you, such as walks, lunch together, mindfulness, creativity and visualization exercises.

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Start with structure. Flow in the middle. And the solution at the end. In a free preliminary talk (30 min), we look at what is really important for you. I will then create a customized session for your needs and you will receive a cost estimate for your overview.