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Leadership Development Munich

Lead to serve, not to rule..


For your role as a manager, do you want a clear, authentic attitude and an effective toolbox of methods? Based on feedback from bosses, employees and other stakeholders, are you looking for a sparring session for your skills and personality development? In the complex interaction between market, management and employees, you want an overview with time for reflection and solution-oriented feedback  for analysis and change?

  • They are as young manager new in the role and e.g. promoted from colleague to manager
  • They are experienced manager and would like professional support for your further advancement, e.g. in the preparation or follow-up of your assessment or development center
  • If Top-Manager Are you looking for systemic consulting and solution-oriented coaching for structural changes in the team and/or organization


To get out of the  full potential  from employees and colleagues in order to complex decisions in a disruptive environment To act confidently and powerfully, skills are needed today that are hardly ever “given to anyone”. Successful leadership means more than ever being able to manage paradoxes: demonstrating flexibility and yet remaining predictable. Motivating people to take responsibility and at the same time setting a clear framework. Being empathetic and assertive. This area of ​​tension can only be met by those who have a has a good feeling for himself and his counterpart – and at the same time a high level of methodological competence.


      • Leadership with method – How do delegation, personal responsibility, motivation and strategic leadership work?
      • Self-leadership – How do I balance paradoxes such as empathy & clear communication, strategic thinking & authentic presence, assertiveness and team spirit?
      • Authentic as a leader – What does it mean to me personally to be a leader? How do I define role, purpose and vision?
      • Communication and conflict – How do I talk about difficult topics and motivate people? How do I balance different perspectives and conflicts?
      • Career in sight – What is my next career step and how do I implement it? How do I prepare for my AC/DC?
      • Employee development – How do I identify/promote potential with feedback and employee discussions? How do I use coaching skills as a manager?
      • Team development – How do I build a high-performance team? How do I involve my team in decisions in a co-creative and equal way?
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