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kompass 150x150 - Professional reorientation

Professional reorientation Munih..

Rocket launch for ordinary seamen – with real strengths & brilliant ideas

Your stairway to heaven

You feel that you haven’t yet arrived in your career and want to make a change. What ideas make your eyes light up? How do you get started – step by step with a light heart instead of stopping in front of a mountain of possibilities? And when does your inner team come along with you instead of getting lost in concerns and risk assessments?


  • Stay or go? Analyze the professional status quo, explore all perspectives and build bridges between old and new.
  • Ideas that spark inspiration? Dig into the wealth of your experience and draw authentic job maps from creative ideas.
  • There is nothing good unless you do it! Bravely enter new territory and stick to your goal with planned, inspired steps.
  • “Yes, but” – inner independence for your heart’s work! Releasing inner brakes and transforming inhibiting beliefs into treasures of faith and great goals.

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