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Flow 2 Go – MIND BALANCED LEADERSHIP Training Munich
Be successful in a creative and fulfilling way

Problems can never be solved with the same mindset that created them.


The Experiment. If you put a frog in a glass of water and start to heat this water slowly, it will sit in it until it scalds. If you were to throw it directly into hot water, it would jump out. The frog thus recognizes conditions that are hostile to its survival, but if it sits in the middle of them, it prefers to remain in familiar territory instead of trying out something new.

The reality. When it comes to willingness to change, companies and people are sometimes a bit like frogs. For example, when short and medium-term operational business prevents us from thinking big about the future. When inspiring sense of purpose, creative problem-solving thinking and the fine gut feeling that would navigate through the jungle of decisions are forgotten in the hamster wheel of everyday life. When instead the focus is too much on black and white, figures, data, facts and risk analyses. The faster the wheel of digital change turns, the more important it will be to think in shades of gray and have a colorful potpourri of solution options at the ready. And to rely on your gut feeling and a relaxed attitude towards taking big risks and making mistakes in unpredictable terrain.


MIND BALANCED LEADERSHIP– Out of autopilot mode and into the driver’s seat! If you and your company would like to start the permanent change of the digital age with an agile, creative and relaxed attitude, this training format is just right for you.

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Driver’s Seat 

Into the driver’s seat in your own head!
With independent self-management and a relaxed attitude, you can use your thoughts, feelings and actions effectively to achieve your goals.

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Reach your destination easily

Lightness on the go! With infotainment, mental training, creativity techniques, playful impulses and micro-coaching, it’s easier to get on track and reach your goal.

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MIND BALANCED LEADERSHIP! You are a manager or employee from all areas of the company and know that an open mind set, a strong heart set and a healthy health set are the best guarantee for success in the “monster change” of the digital age. You will soon find all further information for your registration here.