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Most people plan their vacation better than their career path


Good career counselling is a journey of discovery into your future and your inner space. Who am I? What can I do? And how can I achieve what I really am? As a travelling companion, I will walk with you between career counselling & career coaching with a toolbox of cognitive-structuring and creative-intuitive tools.


Our travel preparations start with your clarity about your goals and concerns

  • More decision – How do I decide what I really want professionally?
  • More authenticity – What can I do to live out my strengths and competences at work?
  • More work-life balance – How do I fine-tune my job and private life situation?
  • More strategies – How do I utilise my full potential on the market and in my network?
  • More radiance – How do I develop powerful application documents and shine in a job interview?
  • More freedom – How can I make the transition from employment to self-employment or a start-up?
  • More self-management – How do I increase my competence in dealing with uncertain transition phases and motivate myself for the implementation?
  • More identity – How do I create my task with meaning and value?


1 LOCATION DETERMINATION  after that you know

  • what exactly makes you dissatisfied with your job
  • what your concerns for career counseling are
  • and you have your emergency kit for the current job in hand

2 POTENTIAL ANALYSIS –after that you know who you are and what you can do, by

  • creating your personal profile of core competencies, strengths, favorite roles, and interests
  • tracking down career resources, values, and patterns in your biography

3 LOOKING INTO THE FUTURE –after that you have developed and tested your future designs, by

  • creatively designing different job ideas
  • filtering visions through the lens of values and your intrinsic motivation
  • and thereby creating a solution- and goal-oriented mindset

4 THE DECISION –after that you know your best options and make your choice, by

  • researching your options, networking for them, and placing them on the timeline
  • intuitively testing your top choices thoroughly
  • and removing the last internal “yes, buts”

5 THE IMPLEMENTATION after that you understand how to stay on track and follow your path, by

  • finding your authentic job search and application strategies
  • optimizing application documents, self-marketing, and negotiation strategy
  • or developing an action plan for your startup or self-employment
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Career Counseling – Back in the Driver’s Seat

In the often uncertain phases of career transitions, you stay in control through a growth in inner orientation and self-management. The Special Aspect: My approach as a career coach is holistic – we work with head, heart, and hand. And we work agilely – we plan your travel route thoroughly while remaining flexible in fine-tuning the individual steps.

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Career Coaching – Easily Reach Your Goal

You discover the treasure that lies within you. We transform setbacks into resources and question marks into answers that you thought you would never find. The Special Aspect: Career counseling and career coaching go hand in hand with me – internal blockages and external hurdles dissolve through increased clarity, and with each step in real life, the courage for your own path grows.

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“Monster change”? Career change often feels like an insurmountable mountain whose peak disappears into the fog. Learning to deal with this uncertainty requires courage, a map for yourself, and a willingness to experiment. Equipped with these, you will reach your goal step by step.

Career coach from head to toeWhen asked what I do for a living, people often hear me cheekily say: “I make people happy”. But, despite the smile, I mean it seriously. I have been working with people on their professional, entrepreneurial, and personal changes for more than 14 years. I am fascinated by the endless variations of strength and competency profiles and the initially seemingly impossible heartfelt desires of my clients. My field experience as a business lawyer, as a leadership coach & team developer, as a creative entrepreneur & single mother is a stable foundation for this. My specialty: an almost clairvoyant instinct for people and their profession – and that means for you: We will find your treasure!