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life coaching in muenchen 150x150 - Coaching skills for managers

Coaching competence for managers in Munich & online – in German and English

“It’s not about doing more. It’s about doing things from an altered state of consciousness.” (Participant feedback)

Manager as coach – clear attitude and good contact

The role of the coaching manager primarily covers topics such as expanding skills, motivation, resource management and promoting talents – including hidden ones. As a coaching manager, you see your employees from a benevolent, distanced perspective. You keep your own interpretation in suspense and offer different perspectives and options so that employees can gain their own, new access to upcoming issues. And this is precisely how you set a positive interaction in motion: self-leadership strengthens problem-solving skills and action competence, and the coaching culture strengthens team cohesion.

“What goes against the heart, the head does not accept” (Schopenhauer)

  • You are a manager and enjoy supporting other people in their development and accompanying them on their path.
  • You recognize the relevance of sustainable, trusting relationships with people in your work environment (employees, peers, customers, etc.)
  • You are considering coaching training and would like to further develop your own leadership personality.
  • You care about dealing with your employees and your environment with care. You manage very different people and want to make use of their diversity.
  • At the same time, you do not lose sight of your company’s goals – you are keen to use the needs and strengths of your employees to benefit the company.

Munich Coaching School – get certified as an ICF coach too

For this development program, I cooperate with My colleagues Claudia Amend, Sabine Freund and I will teach you an effective coaching attitude and the essential skills and approaches that you need as a coach to accelerate the development of your employees and get the best out of them. And you can also get certified as an ICF coach with the International Coaching Federation through the Munich Coaching School.

Target group of the training – managers, project managers, agile coaches, consultants and HR business partners

Module 1 Learn basic skills and actively apply them

• Assessing talents & Strengths
• Technique of appreciative listening
• Effective questioning techniques as a tool
• Psychological coaching models 1 (e.g. model for needs & communication)
• Self-clarification
• Processing of individual case studies

Module 2 Coaching as a leadership style

• Models of leadership
• Coaching in contrast to employee and (critical) feedback discussions
• Differences between internal coach as manager and external coach
• Individual motivation and appreciation
• Psychological coaching models 2 (e.g. reference framework work, recognizing driver dynamics)
• Self-management – consciously changing from manager to coach
• Processing of individual case studies

Module 3 The manager as a coach in teams

• Team coaching (dialogical approaches)
• Systemic principles
• Making employees participants and Integrate different perspectives
• Agile decision-making tools
• Resolve conflicts
• Make talents and strengths available in teams
• Work on individual case studies

The philosophy 

In this program, you will be given practical tools and theoretical models. You have the opportunity to bring in your own cases and thus gain practical experience as a coach – and thus get into action in a very concrete way. In addition to effective tools, it is important to us to convey a mindful attitude that follows a holistic approach. All you should bring with you is the willingness to self-reflect and curiosity about other people.

The setting 

60 hours in direct contact with 2 experienced trainers and coaches in groups of 6-8 participants. We offer the program offline in Munich or online, in German or English.

Open training for individual bookings & in-house training for corporate customers

Please contact me for the current training dates for your individual booking. I would be happy to arrange special dates for in-house training with you as a corporate customer.

lifecoaching in muenchen 251x300 - Coaching skills for managers

The learning objectives of the coaching program

Role clarity – You specifically differentiate between situations in which you act as a coach in a supportive manner or as a manager with target specifications and feedback.

Ability to make contact – You use your ability to make contact and thus build stable relationships. You recognize true needs and talents and enable others to grow as individuals.

Agility – You know the coaching techniques relevant to your everyday management work and use them according to the situation and needs in order to lead your employees on an equal footing.