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COACHING MUNICH Face to Face & Online Coaching

With every step out of your comfort zone
your happiness zone grows


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Celebrate achievements

You stab with yourfull potential at sea and reachYour goalswith tailwind

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New ways

You know what really important for her is and how the change of directionsucceed

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They show themselves with unique strengths and Competencies and boldly reach out to other people

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You are full of confidence in dealing with Defeats and The conflict

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Internal hurdles

They transform negative behavioral patterns and Beliefs with ease in treasures of faith

Change made easy! Individually. In a team. In the company.

Coaching, workshops & facilitation for people, teams and managers.

Change on your wish list but not in reality? This happens to all of us again and again. Now it is important to experience that things can be different. And how. I will support you with all my professional know-how, a crystal-clear view and with all my heart.

+++ We work Face to Face & online Coaching together, in German or in English +++

Your coaching begins with a free preliminary consultation. You can find out whether the chemistry is right for you and experience how I work. So that you can get a complete picture, we will talk about your goals and expectations and the general conditions such as the duration and process of the coaching. The pace and frequency are of course up to you.

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Our thoughts are the sails we set to travel towards our dreams. Our brains have been calibrated since time immemorial to perceive negative things more quickly and to classify them as more important than positive impressions. This tendency towards negativity – according to studies, it is five times stronger than our focus on positive things – means that we prefer to control life rather than trust it, ourselves, or others. And so we THINK – usually unnoticed – in small negative units rather than in large positive throws. In this way, we limit the potential that lies dormant in all of us. Time to get out and time to adopt a new attitude: give yourself space and time – how would it be… to make this situation, this job, this life really beautiful?